Tiny Homes Vision

Warriors Restoration Veteran Community

The thinner blocks are single-person tiny homes that are approximately 12 x 26. This will include a small kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower, and a separate bedroom. The larger blocks are two-bedroom ADA compliant with a shared bathroom that are approximately 30 x 26. The purpose of these two-bedroom homes is to allow our Veterans to age with us. They may need assistance with everyday living. A younger Veteran will be placed in the home and be able to have reduced rent in exchange for assisting the older resident.

The arrangement allows the veterans independent living. They can easily gather in the gazebo set in the middle of their “camp.” It also allows them easy access to the community center and each other. The circle should provide a cost-effective infrastructure to be built saving us money and allowing us to build in phases.

The community center will come in the middle third of the buildout as funds become available. We will try to operate out of a travel trailer or mobile home until we are able to afford the future community center and headquarters for our staff.