Veterans need a home, not the streets.

Warrior's Restoration

Warrior’s Restoration’s mission is to bring Christ’s message of forgiveness and love to our nation’s homeless and at-risk veterans. It’s hard to minister to such a crowd so we came up with a plan.

Our goal is to build a tiny home community on a farm. This “Redemption Farm” will enable us to sustain the veterans and day-to-day operations of the tiny homes as well as provide agricultural training and recreational therapy. If veterans can get a job off the farm, they are encouraged to do so but the farm will always be there,

Tiny homes have been documented as a great way to enable veterans coming from the streets and possibly prison to gain their independence while keeping the rent low. We are incorporating two-bedroom tiny homes into the equation. Click the picture to learn more…

Warriors Restoration Farm Training

Warrior’s Restoration wants to help support our “community” through the farm. We have to keep our veterans employed and productive. To do this, we have already received a commitment from IFAS in Jefferson County to receive assistance in training. Because of this, our veterans will learn different farming practices and ideas.

We will need equipment donated and assistance from the surrounding farmers to make this work. Let us know if you can help in any way!

Corporate Sponsorship